Some Republican governors — DeSantis (Florida), Abbot (Texas), Ricketts (Nebraska), Reynold (Iowa) and others, also pastors of some fundamentalist churches — are encouraging their supporters to get sick and/or die by telling them not to get vaccinated.

Some of their followers will die in agony in the ICU, unable to breathe due to COVID.

Some anti-vaxxers are finally starting to get shots and wear masks when their friends and relatives in intensive care admit that they should have gotten vaccinated. In some states really sick people can’t go to intensive care because it’s already full of COVID sufferers.

When did people in the U.S. start believing conspiracy theories and ridiculous nonsense on the internet instead of doctors? Fox News, and especially Tucker Carlson, are also promoting dangerous false information. Many employees of Fox News have been vaccinated against COVID themselves.

Some people say that God has given them a natural immunity to COVID.  I believe that they have forgotten that they have also been given brains that they should use.

Ellen Field, New Gloucester

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