Coach: Dave Sterling (12th year)
Class: A
2019 record: 0-9
Returning athletes: Seniors — Jack Keefe (QB/DB), Jason Brooker (WR/DB), Gavin Lepage (DL/OL), Zak Therriault (TE/LB), Cam Johnson (RB/LB); Juniors — Caden Garry (OL/DE), Tyler Grenier (WR/DB); Sophomores — Drew Smith (RB/LB), Gavin Therriault (WR/DB).
Key losses: Tyson Green (RB), Dante Garcia (LB), Cam Irish (OL/DL), Nick Kaiser (DE), Matt Metivier (TE).
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Kade Masselli (WR/DE); Freshmen — Ben DuBois (WR/DB), Hunter Baker (RB/LB).
What to expect: Though it wasn’t ideal, Edward Little head coach Dave Sterling said the 2020 seven-on-seven season was beneficial for his upperclassmen. “We were able to play seven-on-seven regionally last fall, but the effect of driving players to realize something can be taken from you in life and you must overcome it and move forward with greater passion is resounding with our upperclassmen,” Sterling said. He said senior quarterback Jack Keefe is “extremely coachable, has excellent sports IQ and works to be a better team player each day.” 

Coach: Mike Hathaway (20th year)
2019 record: 12-0, Class C state champion.
Class: C; Conference: South
Returning athletes: Seniors — Hunter Hayes (QB/DB), Jack Boutaugh (OL/DT), Trevor Poirier (OL/DT), Reeve Twitchell (OL/DT), Trevor Bosse (TB/LB), Landen Arsenault (OL/LB).
Key losses: Wyatt Hathaway (QB/DB), Tommy Casey (OL/LB).
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Ben Sirois (WR/CB), Dayton Calder (WR/CB), Degan Jordan (WR/DB), Manny Driscoll (WR/DB), Blaine Shaw (WR/DB), Anden Cabral (WR/DB), Josh Chretien (OL/DT); Juniors — Sawyer Hathaway (WR/DB), Degan Jordan (WR/DB), Brett Coburn (TE/LB), Nick Morin (WR/DB), Beau Mayo (OL/LB).
What to expect: Hayes, who  broke his foot three games into the 2019 season, is the Hornets’ starting quarterback and has high expectations. Along with Hayes’ three games, Leavitt’s other five six seniors got valuable varsity playing time in 2019. We have a good core of six seniors who lettered on the 2019 team that will provide great leadership and have some real game experience in a year where that will be at a premium,” head coach Mike Hathaway said. Leavitt lost 2020 Gatorade Maine high school football player of the year Wyatt Hathaway, but Mike Hathaway says the linemen are experienced, and while the skill players are “unproven,” he said the playing time during the 2020 seven-on-seven season helped his team learn the offense.
Versatility will be a huge factor in the success of the Hornets’ offense and defense. Hathaway likes to have speed at receiver, and he calls his speedy receiver group of Dayton Calder, Ben Sirois, Degan Jordan and Manny Driscoll a “4×100 relay team.” Trevor Bosse will be a leader on defense, and Leavitt can rotate linemen and linebackers.
The Hornets missed out on an opportunity to repeat as Class C champs last season, so they aren’t taking anything for granted this fall.
“We don’t really talk about it anymore, but we missed out on a team with a great chance to repeat last year for the first time ever,” Hathaway said. “There are a lot of guys in our locker room that have spent a lot of time getting ready to put everything into it. We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to all the seniors who missed out on this opportunity last year to go all in on this and see where it can take us.”

Coach: Darren Hartley (third year)
Class: A
2019 record: 2-8
Returning athletes: Seniors — Kameron Caron (QB/DB), Donovan Jackson (WR/DB), Jacob Dubois (OL/DL), Dalton Lajoie (OL/LB), Wayne Shaw (OL/DL), Cody Hensler (TE/DB), Skylar Martel (TB/LB).
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Ethan Campbell (WR/DB), Matt Dube (OL/DL), Chase McKeen (WR/DB), Elijah Brito (TE/LB); Juniors — Eli Bigelow (TB/DB), Farid Muhamed-Aceto (TB/DB), Wyatt Vallee (FB/LB), Caed Langley (WR/DB), Deston Rogers (OL/LB), Hunter Lizotte (OL/DL), Jayden Maynard (TE/LB), Reid Caron (OL/LB), Will Parker (OL/LB), Joseph Chizmar (K/OL); Sophomores — Michael Klick (QB/DB), Kenny Foss (TB/DB), Josephat Mukendi (TB/DB), Adam Benson (OL/DL), James Durr (OL/DL), Tafari Corson-James (OL/DL), Cohven Langley (WR/DB); Freshmen — Joseph Dube (TE/DL), Jeffrey Randall (QB/LB).
What to expect: Third-year coach Darren Hartley is “very optimistic” about the Blue Devils heading into the season.
“A group of inspired seniors are ready to make their mark with an excellent group of juniors and underclassmen,” Hartley said. “The Blue Devils expect to contend.” Athleticism is a strength, according to Hartley, and the offensive line is “as big as Lewiston has fielded in well-over a decade.”
Hartley also points to the defense that’s in its second year of the same system as a positive.
“Our goal is a playoff berth, with the expectation that we will be a better team in Week 10 than Week 2,” Hartley said. “We know what’s at stake and every team on our schedule will be a challenge, however, the team has high expectations for themselves.”

Coach: Chris Kates (fifth year)
Class: D
2019 record: 5-3, Class D state champion.
Returning athletes: Senior — Nick Blair (RB/LB); Juniors — Owen Smith (OL/DL), Ethan Berube (OL/DL), Jack Ramich (RB/DB), Colby Levasseur (RB/LB), Connor Turcotte (OL/LB), Caanan Cameron (FB/DL).
Key losses: Daytona McIver (RB/DB), Justin Le (RB/LB), Hudson Coggeshal (OL/DL), Adam Gosselin (WR/DB), Adrian Blake (WR/DB), Teagan Mattson (WR/DB).
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Chance Versey (OL/DL), Mason Booker (WR/DB).
What to expect: Lisbon, which is in a co-op with St. Dominic Academy, has a young team this year. The Greyhounds lost running backs Daytona McIver and Justin Le, as well as receivers Adam Gosselin, Adrian Blake and Teagan Mattson.
In 2019, the Greyhounds won the Class D state championship, but now are a young group that includes only one senior, Nick Blair. Kates said he has “few players that have played significant varsity football.” 

Coach: Scott Franzose (third year)
Class: B; Conference: North
2019 record: 5-3
Returning athletes: Seniors — Ben Nicholas (RB/DE), Mason Biello (WR/DB/K), Haisen Foster (OL/DL), Evan Downing (OL/DL).
Key losses: Sam Wrigley, Jimmy Archer, Keegan Roberts, Tucker Nicholas, Zack Delano.
Promising newcomers: Juniors — Jayden Meader (QB), Hayden Dippner (RB/LB), Hayden Durrell (OL/LB), Dylan Farmer (OL/LB), Isaac Wrigley (WR/CB), Brody Walsh (WR/LB); Sophomores — Maurice Romanyshyn (RB/FS), Charles Stevens (LB/WR), Chase Ranger (CB/WR).
What to expect: The core of the Cougars will be crucial to the team’s success in 2021.
“Most of these guys have been with us since the summer of 2020, and they battled it out with us through the challenges,” Franzose said.
The players have grown together, and Franzose said he like their mental fortitude.
“What I love most about this group is their mental discipline and commitment to the tactical part of the game,” Franzose said. “They are learners, and with so many young players ready to step up and commit at the varsity level, it really shows.”
Franzose said he also likes the team’s speed and athleticism, and he is excited about the run game. Senior Ben Nicholas returns as a running back and defensive end, while sophomore Maurice Romanyshyn will help out in the backfield.
Franzose is optimistic about the offensive and defensive lines, which should be anchored by seniors Haisen Foster and Evan Downing, and  the Cougars’ “attack-style defense.” 

Coach: Chad Stowell (first year)
Class: D
2019 record: 4-4
Returning athletes: Seniors — Caden Thompson (RB/LB), Tiger Hopkins (WR/LB), Jackson Arbour (QB/LB), Latrell Williams (C/DL), Ramon Spearman (WR/DB), Dandre Daniels (WR/DB), Brandon Giguere (WR/DB), Max Dorman (OL/DL); Juniors — Hunter Lynch (OL/LB), Josh Spencer (RB/DE).
Key losses: Gavin Rawstron, Sam Lindsay, Alex Fournier, Christian St Hillaire, James Borkowski, Quinton Pelkey, Justice Pelkey, Luis Elwell.
Promising newcomers: Juniors — Maverick Swan (WR/DB), Alex Hinkley (OL/DL), Gabe Perry (OL/DL); Sophomores — Hunter Drew (TB/DE), Adam Hinkley (WR/DB); Freshman — Colton Davis (OL/LB).
What to expect: First-year head coach Chad Stowell said that the Raiders will rely heavily on the juniors and seniors, who were freshmen and sophomores in 2019, this season. Oak Hill also features several multi-sport athletes, including seniors Caden Thompson and Tiger Hopkins. The Raiders lost playmakers Gavin Rawstron and Sam Lindsay, among others, but this year’s squad is athletic and has experience.

Coach: Mark Soehren (ninth year)
Class: A
2019 record: 6-5
Returning athletes: Isaiah Oufiero (LB/TE), Dakota Grassi (CB/WR), Wyatt Knightly (RB/LB), Elias Soehren (QB/FS).
Key losses: Atticus Soehren (QB/CB), Ty Leblond (CB/WR), Addison Brown (WR), Marcus Stone (RB/DT), Colin Edwards (OL).
Promising newcomers: Brodi Rice (DT/OL), Dillon Worster (DE/OL), Lincoln Merrill (TE/FS).
What to expect: Coach Mark Soehren is excited about the Vikings’ depth and the team’s large turnout this the season.
While the Vikings lost quarterback Atticus Soehren, Elias Soehren is stepping in at QB and hopes to help Oxford Hills be a strong contender in Class A in 2021. Isaiah Oufiero is a team leader at tight end and linebacker, according to Soehren, and Wyatt Knightly will get carries at running back.
“(We have a) great group of unselfish kids who have performed exceptionally well (on) subvarsity teams,” Soehren said. “Looking forward to being very competitive in Class A.”

Coach: Gus LeBlanc (second year)
Class: D
2019 record: 1-7
Returning athletes: Seniors — Isaac Fifield (FB/DB), Sam Luce (QB/DB), Joe Levesque (FB/DE), Hunter Gibson (DB), Izzy Martin (OG/LB); Juniors — Mike Phillips (OT/DT), Mason Brousseau (C/DE).
Key losses: Joe Ringuette, Evan Kelly, Isaiah Hill.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Lagan O’Driscoll (QB/DB); Sophomore — Isaac Ransdell (RB/DB).
What to expect: The Knights are a young this season, with two-thirds of the players being underclassmen. LeBlanc is excited about the team’s defense and said that the team’s speed is its “greatest asset.” The Knights will rely on captain Isaac Fifield, as well as senior quarterback Sam Luce and seniors Hunter Gibson, Joe Levesque and Izzy Martin. Poland also has two juniors, Mike Phillips and Mason Brosseau, helping anchor the young offensive and defensive lines.

Coach: Dave St. Hilaire (eighth year)
2019 record: 8-2
Class: D
Returning athletes: Seniors — Logan Baird (RB/LB), Andrew Foster (QB/DB), Ethan Neal (TE/DE), Jake Umberhind (G/NT), Jayden Peters (T/DT), Evan Jones (WB/CB), Chase Graves (WB/CB), Connor Harding (G/DE), Lucas Hand (G/LB), Drake Parker (SE/CB), Aiden Methot (TE/DE); Juniors — Robbie Feeney (RB/LB), T.J. Mihalakis (TE/DE), Dominic Trott (FB/LB), Sam Bourne (T/DT), Owen Harding (QB/LB), Isaac Oliveira (G/LB), Nick Keezer (WR/S), Brayden Stubbert (WR/CB); Kolby Reynolds (TE/DE); Sophomore — Avry Jones (T/DT).
Key losses: Ian Steele (RB/S), Noah Dunn (TE/DE), Gavin Perkins (WR/CB).
Promising newcomers: Junior — R.J. McKenzie (FB/LB); Freshmen — Barrett Perkins (T/DT), Cody Cobb (RB/LB).
What to expect: A Ramblers feature a plethora of options on offense this season. Dominic Trott, Logan Baird and Robbie Feeny are slated to anchor the backfield. Baird ran for 480 yards as a sophomore in 2019 and tallied five touchdowns.
The Ramblers also have a converted guard at receiver, Ethan Neal, who should be a big target for either Andrew Foster or Owen Harding, the two players battling for to be the starting quarterback. Brayden Stubbart, Nick Keezer and Evan Jones will supplement the receiving group.
Jake Umberhind was the only All-Campbell Conference sophomore in 2019. He led the team that season with 16 tackles for loss. The size of the offensive line is a strength for the Ramblers, and St. Hilaire said that should help open up the run game that they they plan to lean on. 

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