I do not think this country has encountered a leadership void like the one we are now experiencing in Washington, D.C., as I am writing this letter.

When the withdrawal from Afghanistan went sour, our president and his cabinet, including both military and civilian managers, ran out of ideas and the backbone to take effective action. When the press appeared at a news conference to ask questions about Afghanistan, President Biden turned his back on them and walked away.

Congress was no more effective than Biden. When the situation in Afghanistan first turned sour, the only response from Congress was a joint resolution and bill full of trillions of dollars for “infrastructure” that was almost anything but infrastructure.

Then, numerous House Republicans requested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi call a meeting of the full House to address the Afghanistan situation. And there has been no response to that call as I am composing this letter.

Similarly, the U.S. Senate under Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is also creating a deafening silence about how to approach the Afghanistan disaster.

I find it interesting that when leadership is most essential to bring this country back to its usual brave and effective course of action in response to a crisis, our leadership is nowhere to be found.

Where are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln when we need them most?

Richard Grover, Mason Township

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