First day back at school! Meira Bienstock

BETHEL — The first day back at Crescent Elementary School was a success. Walking through the halls at the end of the first day, students could be seen wearing hand-made crowns, masks with designs on it, and everyone was either smiling, chatting, or walking with friends or parents.

“It was a wonderful first day back. All of the staff, all of the students were happy to be here, and happy to see each other, and happy to be back in the building and ready for a great year!” said Principal Tanya Arsenault.

The crowns were a first day activity for the kindergartners.

“Some of our kindergartners had the chance to make crowns throughout the school day, and then they decorated them, and they were able to wear them home to celebrate the fact they’ve rocked their first day of school!” Arsenault says excitedly.

With regard to students making new friends, Arsenault said they have a lot of new students this year as well as home-schooled students that came back, or children who were remote last year and they were all connecting with another.

“I had one conversation with a kid who said, “It’s so good to see your face not on Zoom.” “It was definitely a success in that sense that people were very happy to be here,” Arsenault says. “The first day always comes with a lot of excitement and nerves and a lot of mixed feelings for people but overall I couldn’t be happier with how the day went, and looking forward to coming back tomorrow!”


Over at Telstar Middle and High School, Principal Kenney reported they had a great day.

“Amazing attendance with fewer than 10 kids absent,” said Principal Kenney.

He said the kids and the staff were excited to be back. The school was divided into two groups: rap group (middle school) and satellite (high school) group.

There were many outdoor and indoor activities for everyone. The high school students are given the option to participate in kickball, draw inside tents, or walk around the track. The middle schools did ice breaker games, introduction to middle school, and spent the day doing activities getting to know another whether through verbal or nonverbal games.

“It’s good to be back. Nice when kids are here in person,” says Principal Kenney.


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