I watched in horror as Councilor Leroy Walker’s story went from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat. The sensationalizing news report was way out of proportion, was taken totally out of context and did not reflect his honest intentions.

Leroy worked as councilor under Mayor John Jenkins. They were good friends. It was not his intention to demean his name.

Councilor Walker was reporting true negative racial conditions of certain people within our community and the nation. I ask, is it our intention to look the other way, pretend it’s not happening, condone this type of behavior? Ask any law enforcement officer and they will substantiate this concern because they work it every day.

What got Councilor Walker in trouble was his use of a racial term which was an honest error on his part. I personally know he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.

For his actions, Councilor Walker apologized and is willing to participate in sensitivity training. It should end there.

May I remind everyone that over these many decades he has worked tirelessly for the city of Auburn as councilor, on community projects, building the senior center and clock tower, and using his own money in many cases to support these many initiatives and certain individuals in need. We must support him for this one honest error.

I am in total support of Councilor Walker and have advised him not to resign his position. He has been a good man and a good citizen.

Alfreda Fournier, Auburn

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