BETHEL — The issue of broadband was brought up again at the Tuesday, Sept. 7, Bethel Board of Selectman’s meeting. Jeff Martin and Michelle, both on the Broadband Committee, were present.

“If we’re giving it to everybody, we’re giving it to everybody,” said Town Manager Loretta Powers.

“If we’re gonna do broadband, we should do the fiber optic,” said Selectwoman Lori T. Swain. “The hardwired stuff; it’s not reliable, it’s not fast enough, it’s not on all the time.”

“Fiber is the best option because its technology for tomorrow, and because fiber is very easy adaptable to progressive technology,” said Jeff Martin, from the Broadband Committee. “Once you folks agree on what you want to do, and depending on if you want to work with the other towns, we have to hire a consultant to put together to actual costs. We’re going to have to negotiate with the Internet provider. First Light is my vote because they’ve been cooperative all through this. They’re ready to go, we would sit down and negotiate with them.”

The government has given the town of Bethel $27,000 in funds to help pay for the Broadband. However, if all seven towns in the area work together, there will be a more reasonable deal for everyone. There is no deadline to decide. However, the selectman do need to decide if to hire an operator to run it for the town. The selectman agreed upon First Light.

In other business, an entertainment permit, liquor license application, and victualer application for Steam Mill Brewing were all passed by the selectman. Steam Mill Brewing is going to keep 7 Mechanic Street to brew beer. 96 Road will have the full menu, and will offer other beers other than their own. They’re waiting on a liquor license, and Fraser just needs his food license before he can start building a horseshoe bar. Ideally, Fraser explained, they would like to be a rehearsal dinner destination spot. Especially with their second floor, with it’s full bar as well as additional bathrooms, it could be used as an event space.

“Bethel is undeserved for food,” said Fraser. He preached for supporting the locals.

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