NORWAY — Due to the lack of or reduced spay/neuter services relative to the pandemic during 2020 and 2021, there are abnormally high intake numbers of stray and unwanted cats and kittens. Caring for these felines, as well as meeting medical needs and spaying and neutering them prior to adoption is financially taxing on non-profit organizations, many of which already struggle financially.

Additionally, shelters are short on staff and volunteers to care for the felines. We simply must spay and neuter as many felines as possible to get these numbers down. Grant funds provided by the Maine Community Foundation to assist with the cost of spay/neuter are available to low income and elderly pet owners located in the towns of Norway, Paris, Oxford, Poland, Mechanic Falls, Hebron, West Paris, Woodstock, Greenwood, Bethel, Gilead, Otisfield, Buckfield, Hartford, Dixfield, and Mason Twp.

Fifty dollars will be granted for each feline belonging to a qualifying owner that has been spayed or neutered. Applicants must submit a receipt for services, which must include that the service was provided to a feline, pet owner name, pet owner address, pet name, and sex.

A photocopy of photo identification must be submitted along with the receipt for services. The information must be mailed to “RPC” Grant 50, P O Box 82, Norway, ME 04268. If all items are submitted correctly, a $50 check for each feline will be mailed to the pet owner.

For more information, call Responsible Pet Care at 743-8679.

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