Maine’s Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry is releasing weekly reports on how foliage season in Maine is advancing. As it stands, the department expects foliage season to peak in the central and western regions from Oct. 6-20. Screenshot

REGION — Maine’s Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry announced that Maine’s fall foliage has commenced.

While color change in northern Maine has reached moderate levels, Maine Forest Rangers report that the zones classified as Central and Western Maine are still slow goings with low color change.

In their foliage report for the week of Sept. 22, the Department of Agriculture predicts that foliage will reach peak conditions in Western Maine Oct. 6-13 and in Central Maine Oct. 14-20. The Livermore Falls and Farmington regions fall somewhere on the cusp of those two regions.

In 2020, fall foliage peaked early in Central Maine and Western Maine on Sept. 30, however preceding years saw peaks closer to mid-October.

Many travel guides cite the Farmington region as a destination to witness fall foliage. Visit Maine suggests starting a scenic drive in Farmington to take in the fall colors.

Weekly foliage reports will be released at with updates on how foliage season is advancing in the area.

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