AUBURN — A father of a 7-year-old boy accused the School Committee on Wednesday of abusing his son by forcing him to wear a mask.

John Stark arrived several minutes before the committee adjourned its 10-minute meeting at Auburn Hall. After receiving permission to speak, he proceeded to berate the committee for the mask policy, at times leveling personal accusations against members and a teacher in the audience, who had previously called the police on him alleging harassment.

“You’re abusing my son by forcing him to wear a mask,” Stark said. “You understand what I’m telling you, you’re in criminal contempt.”

The school district’s policy requires students age 12 and younger to wear masks in school to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Stark told the committee that masks cause pneumonia.

Medical experts have disputed this claim.


Stark further threatened to sue committee members.

“I have two lawyers,” he said. “I will personally press charges against you, against you, against you, against you, against you, and against you,” he said, pointing at committee members in turn. “I am relentless and I will come back, and I will sue each and every one of you. And for what I sue you for, I will give it back to the kids for the year and a half you cheated them out of a good education.”

He accused the committee of violating articles one through 10 of the Nuremberg Code, which advises ethical practices for medical experimentation.

“I suggest you go home tonight and read it,” he said. “If you think I’m blowing smoke, my middle name is relentless.”

Committee members grew increasingly agitated during the 10-minute exchange. Student representatives were ushered out of the room part way through, and a police officer was alerted by a committee member to stand by in the hallway.

“I don’t mind you coming to talk, I don’t mind listening to you, whatever it is you have to say,” Brian Carrier, the mayor’s representative, said. “Do not be accusatory.”

In response, Stark rattled off Carrier’s address, which is public record. He did this several times during the tense meeting to several representatives.

The heated discussion ended without physical altercations.

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