BETHEL — A public hearing was held on October 4, to establish whether or not the building where Keith Hamel lives at 507 Walkers Mills Road is dangerous, and depending on that status, if the building is to go to PPH Morgan Corp. or to the Town of Bethel. Depending on the outcome, Hamel could potentially be evicted. Two lawyers were present, Zach Brandwein, counsel for the Town of Bethel, and Bret Messinging, from PPH Mortgage Corp. in Portland.

Toby Walker, code enforcement officer, who has been involved with this since fall of 2018, said there has been too many unregistered vehicles on the property. Messinging asked Walker if he knew if the building was unsafe or safe. Was there no order to enter or not?  Walker said that was true, but it appeared the property was being used as a junkyard. Messinging asked, “But we don’t know if it is in immediate danger?” To which Walker said, someone from the court would have to go into property to see if it is unsafe. He continued by saying there are no facts here, and he and his team will make a decision in the next 30 days, in time for the next Bethel Selectman meeting.

Messinging continued by saying that PPH Mortgage has estimates, and is waiting for the okay, depending on if it is safe or not safe. He continued by saying the town of Bethel could confirm if they want to keep the property and clean it up, or the release it to the mortgage company if it still wanted it at that time.

Messinging will notify the board in 30 days by the next Selectman meeting on November 8, whether or not the mortgage company will want to retain the building.

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