Republicans claim they’re the party of liberty, economic prosperity, values and the American dream.

The Republican platform in 1854 was to end slavery. Now they’ve become the party of white supremacists, violence, racism and former President Trump.

Republicans support former President Reagan’s trickle-down theory of tax breaks for corporations and wealthy people. Not much trickles down to Americans seeking the American dream.

Trump signed his massive Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Dec. 22, 2017. Hours later Trump reportedly told his rich friends “You all just got a lot richer.

Trump added $7.8 trillion to the national debt. Now Republicans are refusing to raise the debt ceiling. The $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill is needed to compete with China’s state-led industrial policy, “Made in China 2025.”

Taxing those making over $400,000 will pay to upgrade America. I don’t know anyone making $400,000.

The Constitution guarantees our right to vote. Yet Republicans are making it harder to vote. Trump lost, and they’re sore losers.

The fact is, Joe Biden won fair and square. The fact is, Russia helped Trump win in 2016.

Republicans want no restrictions on guns, yet they want to restrict our right to vote. Voting rights and gun ownership are guaranteed by the Constitution.

I was a Republican when they rejected corruption. I left when former President Bush went against the Geneva Conventions to torture prisoners.

Being a Republican means supporting Trump’s false claim he won the election and stopping Democrats from “Building Back Better.”

Deanne Danforth, New Sharon

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