by James Buckley, Jr.,

Illustrated by Gregory Copeland

Are you a huge fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?  If you are, you already know that he is a world-famous wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and a famous movie star, starring in popular movies such as  San Andreas, Fast Five, and the series,  Fast and Furious.

Bet there are things you do not know about him.  How would you like it if your family moved to 5 different states before you even went to kindergarten…and before high school 14 different states?  Why did the police come to his 9th grade classroom and arrest him? Who else in his family were wrestlers?  What state did he play college football in and where did he play professional football? What recent movies has he starred in?  In which  Disney movie can you hear his voice being used for a special character? (You may want to watch them all).

If you are a fan of “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson, find out more about him in this quick read, a very interesting biography with only 49 pages that includes a timeline and bibliography.  Black and white illustrations complement the text. You will also find out how generous he is in regard to the staggering amount of money he makes.  That alone is fan-worthy!

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