Lewiston deserves a mayor who truly cares for the city, its residents — and always has its best interests in mind. Donna Gillespie is that person.

A Lewiston resident for the last 30 years, Donna has been witness to the positive changes the city has undergone during this time. Of the two candidates running in this upcoming mayoral election, I know that Donna will always come to the table without an agenda.

Can the same be said for her opponent? Most people probably forgot that Carl Sheline was the co-campaign manager for the proposed Lewiston-Auburn merger that was unanimously rejected in 2017.

Does someone who once actively supported the merger of Lewiston-Auburn sound like someone residents can count on to have only Lewiston’s best interests in mind? As a Lewiston resident who opposed the merger, I know that personally, I wouldn’t want to take that chance.

Residents should vote Donna for Lewiston’s next mayor.

Dustin Chasse, Lewiston

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