Another bicyclist has been hit by a motor vehicle in Portland, the third reported incident in the state’s largest city during the month of October.

Saturday evening’s crash occurred when a man attempted to cross I-295 on his bike in the vicinity of the U-Haul Center on Marginal Way.

Maine State Police, who investigated the incident, said that a mid-sized SUV operated by 35-year-old Elizabeth Mitchell of Portland, struck 38-year-old Matthew Boyd, who has no fixed address, as Boyd tried to cross the northbound lane of I-295 near mile marker 8 around 6:13 p.m.

Mitchell was driving a 2019 GMC Acadia and was not injured, but Boyd was transported to a local hospital where he was immediately admitted for surgery. Maine State Police spokesperson Katy England on Sunday said Boyd remains in critical condition.

Maine State Police said Boyd should not have been riding a bicycle on the highway, and reminded the public that bicycles are prohibited on I-295.

In early October, Portland police investigated two incidents involving motor vehicles and bicycles. Those incidents prompted Portland police to issue a warning on the department’s Facebook page Oct. 8. Riders in both crashes suffered injuries.


“While still under investigation, early indication is that in both cases those riding a bicycle had made an error, or did not follow traffic laws while on a roadway alongside other vehicles,” Portland police said in the Facebook post. “We respectfully wish to remind bicyclists and motorists to share the road and operate safely by obeying all traffic laws, that bicyclists must follow the same rules, regulations and rights of way that drivers of motor vehicles must obey.”

Portland police also urged riders and drivers to wear a helmet or seatbelt, observe traffic lights and signals and be aware of visibility conditions.

The first incident involving a bicyclist and motor vehicle occurred on the evening of Oct. 5, in the area of 335 Forest Avenue, Portland. A 63-year-old Portland man was seriously injured when the bike he was riding collided with a boat trailer being towed by an SUV.

In the second incident involving a bicycle and motor vehicle, Portland police said a bicyclist was struck by a van at the intersection of Forest Avenue and State Street on the evening of Oct. 7.

Following the early October crashes the Bicycle Coalition of Maine issued a reminder that as the sun sets earlier than it has over the past few months, that pedestrians and bikers need to be visible. People riding bikes after dark should make sure to have lights or reflectors on their bikes and that they wear bright clothing.

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