Texas and Florida-based oil and gas companies NextEra, Calpine and Vistra purchased Question 1.

Ninety-five percent of funding opposing the clean energy corridor comes from these companies. They invested millions into signature gathering efforts.

Big oil and gas companies are using Mainers as pawns in their game of chess to keep polluting while protecting their profits. For them, Maine is not different than anywhere else. They use the same playbook in every state when they are about to lose profits to clean energy.

They only care about burning more dirty fossil fuel at places like Wyman No. 4 on Cousins Island. They do not care about Maine’s clean energy future.

People shouldn’t take my word for it. They can look at the Maine Ethics Commission financial statements under “Mainers for Local Power.” These out-of-state big oil and gas corporations hide behind that name and other organized groups to spend their millions in the dark.

It’s a campaign to keep renewable energy out of Maine and keep spilling smoke in the air for generations.

Serge Abergel, director of communications, Hydro-Québec

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