Malibu, always smiling Submitted

GILEAD — Malibu is an active dog, to say the least. A red Siberian Husky, she’s fast. If anyone forgets to put the leash on her, she’ll be miles away before anyone can catch up. She’s a runner.
“Always been fast, very active,” says her dad, Francis Corriveau.

She also likes to dig big holes everywhere.

“I don’t know what she’s after,” says Corriveau. He describes how she plops herself inside of them. “[but] she cools off.”

But what Malibu loves most is riding in a four wheeler. She’ll sit up front in the seat, as if she’s a human, or she’ll place her head in Corriveau’s lap while he’s driving. Corriveau’s daughter, Autumn, says one of her favorite memories with Malibu is riding the side by side with her.

But what Autumn thinks is special and unique to Malibu is that, “She smiles a lot.”

Malibu gets excited anytime she sees anything move. She’ll catch a mouse and play with it until it’s dead. If she wants attention and she’s not receiving it, she’ll place both paws on you in a playful way. A true pup who lives life to the fullest, Malibu loves swimming in the brook near the house.


“[She’s] playful, loves anyone,” says Corriveau.

Malibu tries to always make friends with their cat. However, this feeble attempt never seems to work except before bedtime. The cat and Malibu will lay next to another on the bed, as if wiped out. Autumn likes to cuddle with Malibu.

Buying the dog for his daughter was “the best thing I’ve done for a long time,” says Corriveau.


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