DEAR SUN SPOTS: Once again we rely on Sun Spots for answers. Other cities that do not have this feature in their paper must envy the Lewiston Sun Journal area. We have many pair of eyeglasses with cases that we no longer use. Is there a location that we can drop them off? — Don, Lewiston

ANSWER: What a great question! Donating used eyeglasses can change lives. Over 1 billion people around the world with vision loss and lack of access to eye care could regain their sight with a pair of glasses, according to the independent nonprofit OneSight.

Depending on the organization, you may be able to donate used prescription glasses in good condition, nonprescription reading glasses, new glasses or glasses frames. You can drop off donations at your local Goodwill, LensCrafters (Maine Mall, South Portland), Pearle Vision (Topsham, 11 Winners Circle, 373-968), Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club vision centers, or a Lions Club drop box, which may be found at your local library, bank, small business, school or place of worship.

Readers, if you can help, please write in.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The coming election is drawing very near and the Sun Journal has not yet profiled the Auburn candidates for City Council and School Board with their statements of position.  For those of us using absentee ballots and mailing our vote, waiting until a day or two before the election to profile Auburn candidates is far too late to be useful. Thank you. — Janet, Auburn

ANSWER: The Auburn City Council/School Committee profiles started Sunday, Oct. 24, with the at-large seats and will run through Saturday, Oct. 30. The Auburn mayoral profile ran Sunday, Oct. 17.

DEAR SUN SPOTS READERS: Thanksgiving is a time of gathering, enjoying time and good food with family and friends, and giving thanks. But it doesn’t always go quite like that. The power goes out in the middle of the meal. Or Uncle Bob becomes overserved and loudly tells his version of his messy divorce with beloved Aunt Noni, rest her soul. In one instance that Mrs. Sun Spots is aware of, the person’s oven died and she had to cook the 22-pound turkey at her son’s apartment in his smaller oven a couple miles away, and then lug the thing back to her house to feed 10 guests. The Sun Journal would like to hear about your Thanksgiving disaster and how you managed to be thankful just the same. Please send your tale to Sun Journal freelance writer Karen Schneider at [email protected] by Nov. 1, for an upcoming feature in the newspaper.

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