To the Editor:

I’m a Maine voter and a resident of Auburn. I’m urging Rep. Jared Golden to support the Build Back Better legislation through the reconciliation process. Rep. Golden has stated Medicare expansion with coverage for dental, vision and hearing “has merit” but “relies on budget gimmicks” that might endanger Medicare. This is the exact reason we need Rep. Golden to fight for that expansion to be done right instead of just giving up on the bill altogether. Medicare’s healthcare coverage issues won’t solve themselves; we are counting you, Rep Golden, to solve these issues.
Meanwhile, here in Maine, we have a very large elderly population who are on Medicare. Most folks who are on Medicare, including myself, can’t afford dental, vision and hearing. We need Rep. Golden to comprehend what that means: it means we currently go without the care we desperately need.
Living without teeth, going blind and deaf is absurd when preventative care is being proposed. It’s a sad day in Maine when our congressional Representative is more concerned about asserting his theoretical independence than helping his constituents with real and immediate needs. He’s in serious danger of losing my support.

Gina Morin


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