DEAR SUN SPOTS: Would you or the readers of Sun Spots know where I can have someone put chrome molding around my windows and doors on my SUV, somewhere in the Lewiston-Auburn area? The vehicle is all black and I would like to dress it up a little. Thanks. — Richard, No town

ANSWER: I could not find any business in the Lewiston-Auburn area that offers this service. The closest appears to be Coyote Chrome at 68 Railroad Drive in Sumner. The phone number is 515-1124. Readers, if you know of anyone closer to L-A, please write in.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for a strong person to pay to get some work done outside to get ready for winter. Please write to [email protected] if interested. —  Chrissy, No town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: How can I keep rosemary plants alive through the winter? I have tried and failed many times. They always end up with mildew on them, and then they die. — No name, Buckfield

ANSWER: Wintering over rosemary inside your home is tricky, according to the Morning Call. It will need as much light as possible, such as placement in a south-facing window. Also, it needs just the right amount of water. Too much can cause root rot. Water when soil dries out on the surface. Ideal is evenly moist. Temperature is another thing. About 60 to 65 degrees is best, but warmer is fine. And make sure you have good air circulation. Stagnant air allows mold and mildew spores to settle on the plant. Use a small fan for a few hours daily.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: While it appears Cote Bros. Sewing Machines closed a couple of years ago, it was just the home sewing machines. I have been working steadily on industrial sewing machines, selling and servicing throughout Maine. Lisa and I have finally decided to fully retire and enjoy our new camp in the county, some of our hobbies and family. The good news is I have been training and mentoring Jim Morrison at Western Maine Machines, 43 Exchange St. in Rumford. His email address is [email protected]

They are a full Brother dealer along with Elna on the home machines. He will also be able to get Juki, Consew, Highlead, Stitchline and several other industrial brands. He will be the go-to person for all parts, needles and supplies. I have hooked him up with all my vendors and sources. I will continue to work with Jim and you can expect the same customer service that we have offered since 1956. Jim is very personable and will go out of his way to ensure your machine is back up and running. — Ron Blake, Cote Bros Sewing Machines, Turner

ANSWER: Thank you, Ron! I will add this to my Rolodex.

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