BETHEL — The Gemini Cafe’s site plan gained approval at the Bethel planning board meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 27. Representing the Gemini Café were Wade Kavanaugh, a principal in Olivine, LLC, the property owner, and applicants, Anna Sysco and Nicole Pellerin, who are the partners in Gemini, LLC and will lease the premises to operate the café.

Scott Sumner, director of Public Works, was at the Cafe’s site walk on the 21st and did issue a letter of requirements for the site plan, dated Oct. 25. He proposed, for public safety, that traffic to and from the site should follow the same traffic pattern as the Food Liner. The entrance should be from Main Street only. There should be no entrance from High Street. High Street should be the exit only.

Bethel Fire Chief Michael Jodrey, had provided written approval of the site plan on Oct 6.

In other news, the board heard a question about the determination of applicability for a site plan for the erection of an ice palace. It will be owned by Bethel Adventure Campground owners Jeff and Patty Parsons, with Lester Spear as partner in the ice palace.

It will be a sculpture made entirely out of ice. Surrounding it will be a perimeter ice wall about 500 feet long and varying in height, from 8-10 feet. There will be tunnels and stairs, allowing visitors to visit nooks. The palace will be glowing with various LED lights. The ice palace will be open beginning in mid-January for approximately eight weeks.

The Board discussed it’s permanency. Meryl A Kelly motioned that it’s not applicable (for a site plan approval) because of the temporary nature of the structure.

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