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BETHEL — Bethel Area Arts & Music is holding it’s Winter Art Market at The Philbrook Place, 162 Main Street on November 27 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be 14 local artist who will be selling their crafts. The inspiration for the event came to BAAM’s Coordinator Kate Webb when she realized many artists didn’t have a strong online presence and in conjunction with the pandemic, there needed to be an opportunity for talented artist to showcase their work for sale.

“I wanted to provide artists who were unable to sell their work or artists who had a newfound love for art an opportunity to sell their work,” explains Webb. “I grew up with professional artists for parents so I know how hard it can be to make it in a normal economy let alone a pandemic economy. It is a part of BAAM’s mission to provide opportunities for artists as well as provide opportunities for the community to experience the arts. The Art Markets felt like a great joining of the two.”

Unlike years in the past where they had bigger fairs, Webb decided to hold a small series of art markets because of the pandemic. They will be playing holiday music, and serving hot cocoa, coffee, and mulled cider.

“People can expect a fun time connecting with and supporting local artists. Shop small and support your local economy and community,” says Webb. “Don’t forget to stop in The Philbrook Place to check out the Elements Gallery and The Barn Collection for other artistic offerings. We hope to have several fire pits to keep you warm but make sure to bundle up!”

The 14 artists include (but are not limited too) Bruce Tyner, selling woodwork, jewelry, and candle holders, etc.; Emily N. Wilson Designs, selling printed textiles on bags, scarves, and jewelry; and Faye Christoforo of Luna Moth Collective.

“We will have towels hand printed with all of our different designs, Monarch Butterfly greeting cards, patches, upcycled clothing with hand printed additions, hand printed tote bags and unique ceramics pieces,” explains Christoforo, of some of the crafts Luna Moth Collective will be selling.

“My favorite part of working as a collective is that each person who contributes brings a unique style to their work! We have prints that bring inspiration from the landscapes, plants and animals of Maine, some pop-culture and meme references, unique, free-form designs, social causes and our cats! We have about 30 unique print designs right now and are always looking to add to our list.”

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