To the Editor:

Christmas for Families, with the help of many elves, has been helping our community for over 43 years – and every year this community comes together to help.  We do not feel that we can have a fundraiser again this year as there are still so many questions that no one can really answer so we will do our best to help where we can. The pandemic has hurt so many people that it is hard to figure out what will happen next.

We do hope that things are going better for all of you.  As hard as it is to believe, we are going into the Holiday season, with Thanksgiving just around the corner; then we have Christmas and a new year. We can all hope it will be better than the last year and a half.

Already this year, some have gone shopping for their own family, with the stimulus money and bought something for Christmas for Families, as we have helped them in the past.   We have also received things from some young people that remember that we helped their family in the past years and want to give back.

As in many past years, people have been making things all year to donate: blankets, pillowcases, scarfs, hats & mittens, just to name a few.  Like last year, people are having trouble shopping, so many have donated money.   Whatever you decide to do, it will be a great help. Donations will go to Christmas for Families, care of Nina Wheeler, 156 Barker Rd, Bethel, Me 04217 or email [email protected]

We all know that life can change anytime, and unless we have walked in others’ shoes we do not know what they have to deal with so if we can help make even just a little difference, then that is what we want to do.

Our hope for all is that it will be a great year ahead.

Nina Wheeler

Christmas for Families


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