DEAR SUN SPOTS: My sister and I, along with our dad, go to St. Peter’s Cemetery to put flowers at family resting places. . . . (Recently) stones were broken and pushed over randomly throughout the entire cemetery. It made me want to cry.

Each plot is owned, so it is up to the families to tend to them. Some of the stones we looked at, the people passed away in the early 1900s. The monuments will need equipment to replace them. Imagine the cost to these families. Those stones and monuments that have no family left to tend to them will remain toppled over and broken. It just doesn’t seem fair.

Is there anyone out there who would donate their time and equipment to replace the toppled stones and monuments? — RoseMarie, Lewiston

ANSWER: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a person or group stepped forward to make these repairs? It is not certain whether the damage is because of age, wind and weather, or vandalism, or a combination. If it was the result of vandalism, the hope is that something can be done so this doesn’t happen again and that the people involved are caught.

This isn’t the only Maine cemetery experiencing problems. It’s been reported that gravestones were damaged in Bucksport and Jay. In Jay, the town voted to spend $1,500 to fix damaged stones.

Meanwhile, families who own the plots are responsible for caring for them. To repair a stone costs hundreds of dollars, while replacing a stone can cost a few thousand. Some of the stones and plots no longer have family members alive to take care of them.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I received a call this afternoon that was a recording stating that my Social Security number had been discontinued due to “suspicious activity.” Then the recording gave me a number of choices to speak to someone “for more information.” I hung up and went to my account online. I saw that everything looked fine and read that there is a scam going around exactly like the call I got. I was able to file an online email report.

I’m writing because I want to alert everyone about this and I know so many people read Sun Spots. — Glady, no town

ANSWER: Good to know, and you did the right thing. Never give personal information to anyone you don’t know over the phone, especially if it deals with your Social Security number, banking information, and other personal information such as your date of birth, etc. If in doubt, call the Social Security office, bank, credit card company, etc. and speak to a real person about the problem.

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