National Honors Society gathering for Thanksgiving celebrations Supplied

BETHEL — The National Honor Society at Telstar High School and Middle School will be giving away a special home-cooked Thanksgiving meal to Super citizens on Sunday, Nov. 21. The students will be delivering the prepared food to the Super citizens themselves or accompanied by a parent.

Students and teachers will be cooking the turkeys, from IGA, on Saturday in the kitchen at Telstar; then, on Sunday, they will be cooking mashed potatoes, stuffing, and assembling everything.

“We usually come in Saturday morning to kind of do some of the initial prep stuff like packaging pies,” says Elke Blauss, Telstar’s Science Department chair, who has been participating with the event for five years. “You know, slices and pie because everybody gets a pie and this year, Susie Gordon is making cupcakes for everybody. She’s like a local baker. So she’s making 200 cupcakes. So many people make this wonderful – like the Bethel Alliance church. So it’s really a community sort of sponsored event that our kids just kind of put out there and then you know, so awesome.”

The students then package everything and between noon and three p.m. on that Sunday afternoon, they deliver everything.

The National Honor Society is a national organization for students who have the highest GPAs in the school.

“They have to demonstrate leadership skills and service and character,” says Blauss. “I think we have 12, maybe 13 kids in it this year.”

If anybody is interested in having meals delivered or anyone wants to donate, they can get in touch with the front office of Telstar at 824-2136.

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