Frankie enjoys the fresh air before the first snowfall. Meira Bienstock

BETHEL — Jackie Schuesler was walking through Responsible Pet Care when she noticed there was a cage set away from the others. When she went to approach the dog, the worker informed her no one would adopt the dog because it was “broken.”

“They said that,” Schuesler says.

The little dog had been abused for six years. It shrank to the back of the cage, shaking.

“We knew right then he was the one for us,” Schuesler says.

His given name was Frankie, and Schuesler kept it at that. It took a bit for Frankie to adjust, having been abused for so long, and he is still healing. However, Schuesler says, “He loves us and we love him. We have had Frankie for three years and he has come a long way with his recovery.”

Frankie now loves people, but it is still too much to be touched by them. However, he does show his excitement when he is around people to let them know he’s happy they’re there. Frankie also loves other dogs and has fun playing with them.


“To remember back to seeing him there and to see him now. It kind of intertwines as a memory I will never forget. It’s the most memorable [thing] watching him go from broken … from dead to alive.

It’s that transition. You know, you couldn’t find the words for that.”

Frankie especially likes to go on walks with his Dad, Bob Schuesler. The two usually go to Davis Park or Valentine Park.

“He’s been a blessing to us,” says Schuesler. “The “broken dog” has now been healed. Thank you, Frankie, for making our life so complete. You are a blessing from the Lord.”

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