The children are playing in the woods at Carter’s Ski Center, enjoying the first snowfall of the year. Submitted.

BETHEL — The Outing Club held a wildlife art project activity at Carter’s Ski Center on November 16 where the children had fun with stencils. The day started with going for a walk, as it gets dark so early. There were 15-20 people there, from Telstar students to kids from MKS to parents.

When they went on a walk through Carter’s, the leader had an old scavenger hunt still in the woods. The children were to look for animal track signs on trees and then they had a paper which matched it up and saw what kind of print it was. After the children found all the prints, they walked along the river and went out to their yurt.

From there, the instructor showed the children how to make new animal track signs that were more permanent. She gave them each a block of wood cut out and piece of carbon paper. The poster she had given out earlier she now cut up into individual tracks.

“Each child got a type of track and then they traced that over on top of the carbon paper so it would print onto the wood and then she’s gonna wood burn the design into it and then hang it on the trees for the scavenger hunt rather than the paper one,” explains Sarah Southam, volunteer for the Outing Club. “The kids like their projects [and] it’s going to be on the trees.”

The previous Tuesday, the Outing Club had linked up with Lauren Taylor and her husband, who own property adjacent to the Angevine farm property.

“It was so incredibly beautiful to be out in this expanse of farmland right near the river and the sky was beautiful,” explains Southam. “The colors are beautiful. You can see the mountains and it was just a really new perspective. And the kids just had so much fun running, [and it was] hunting season, we’re all in blaze orange.”

Afterwards, they enjoyed cookies and apple cider.

The Outing Club is all inclusive club, welcoming everyone. Activities fall every Tuesday. To be updated on the latest events, you can sign up for the emailing list by reaching out to Sarah Southam at her email at: [email protected]

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