DEAR SUN SPOTS: I noticed on my walks to work lately that some of the canals in Lewiston have been drained. What’s going on? — No name, Lewiston

ANSWER: The historic canals need to be cleaned and maintained periodically or sometimes there is a construction project in progress that the water level would affect. The canals do need to be assessed and inspected from time to time so plans can be made to keep them in good working order, to ensure there is no leakage, and that kind of thing.

Because of their historic significance to the city, it’s important to take care of them. Over the years, there has been so much written about these canals, the people who built them, and the role they have played. One such research paper can be found online: .

This is just a small sample of what is available to read about Lewiston’s canals.

I invite readers to offer share their knowledge and offer their stories about the canals.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: This is in response to the inquiry from Joaquin (Nov. 24 Sun Spots) about nature reserves and historic sites in the area.

The town of Poland has some wonderful hiking trails and two historic buildings in the care of the Poland Spring Preservation Society. For information on the All Souls Chapel and the Maine State Building check the Preservation Society website at The buildings are open from late spring until early fall.

The town of Poland and the Poland Spring Inn and Poland Spring Bottling have some great trails for hiking. Check out these sites: for trails near the Poland Spring Inn. For trails in the town of Poland check out — Stan, Poland

ANSWER: I have had the pleasure of visiting all those places you mentioned, Stan, and I agree that they are very worthwhile. Thank you for reminding me and Sun Spots readers how fortunate we are to have these hiking trails and points of interest so close to home.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: What is the new rock statue on the Auburn side of the Longley Bridge supposed to be or represent? And how much did the city pay for it? — No name, Litchfield

ANSWER: “Bud Form” is the work of Maine artist Hugh Lassen of Cherryfield and is part of a public art campaign in the Twin Cities. It is tied to a $75,000 grant bringing new public art pieces to Lewiston and Auburn, with a goal of creating economic development through tourism — one that “supports and stimulates initiatives in Maine’s arts and culture sector.”

“Bud Form,” just one component of this public art campaign, is a life-sized abstract sculpture standing approximately six feet tall and has the ability to rotate.

This abstract piece can be interpreted in many ways by the beholder and is meant to highlight the views of the Great Falls and Androscoggin River from its location in Longley Park.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Where can I get a 1960s-era wall clock repaired? (It needs new guts and wiring — the works! — No name, Litchfield

ANSWER: In the Rolodex I have Rohman Clockworks at 350 Minot Ave. in Auburn (784-1211), Harry Hepburn in Harrison (583-2821), and Ken Rice of Tic-n-Time on Route 302 in North Windham (892-1263).

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