TMS students enjoy a Friday afternoon at Mt. Abram last March. Submitted courtesy of Mt. Abram and the Bethel Recreation Department.

REGION — Mt. Abram and SAD 44 have decided to link up so students can ski for free on Thursdays and Fridays, and have the opportunity for potential part-time jobs. Mt. Abram is going to be giving out free ski passes to three different groups.

The first group are called the Community Student Pass MSAD 44 Program for ages 6-15; the second group Bethel Recreation, including the chaperons, who get free rentals in addition to the free pass; and the third group the Work Program, for ages 16-18, which includes, in addition to the free ski pass, the opportunity to work part-time.

General Manager Greg Luetje emphasized he wants to provide the opportunity for teenagers to learn how to work in a real work environment, and in addition, to work and help their peers, acting as a mentor for the younger students. Thus in turn, it is full circle with everyone helping everyone. Luetje did emphasize that if the student chose to work part-time they would only be hired up to 10 hours a month, so as to not interfere with their school work.

“We feel very fortunate at the opportunity that Mt. Abram is offering to our students this year!” exclaimed Mark Kenney, principal of Telstar Middle and High School. “Having access to two great facilities in our backyard is a very special thing. The program that Mt. Abram has set up will hopefully get more kids outside to enjoy winter this year and help some of our students find much desired part time work as well. It really is a win win for our community that we are appreciative of for sure!”

Mt. Abram will be providing rentals to those who need them. They are currently fitting students right now. They will also be providing lessons for those students who need it. Luetje stressed that he wanted to help support the youth right here and now and get the community involved while also drawing awareness to Mt. Abram. It has been an idea for four years in the works. Luetje pushed for it happen as soon as possible, saying, “[if] ever a time it’s now.”

The only “problem” both sides are facing revolves around transportation and how to bring the students up to Mt. Abram.

“I want to thank the Bethel Rec and Mt. Abram for helping to set up the rec ski and snowboard program this year for Thursdays and Fridays for our middle and high school kids who want to get on the slopes. What a great way to end their week, be on the trails and have fun with their friends!” Kennedy said.

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