Name, School, Class
Alexa Allen, Monmouth, Senior (Runner of the Year)
Payton Bell, Edward Little, Junior
Emma Charles, Mt. Blue, Senior
Haley Williams, Winthrop, Sophomore
Brynne Robbins, Mt. Blue, Senior
Nora McCourt, Mt. Blue, Freshman
Allyson Lewis, Monmouth, Junior

Name, School, Class
Bridget Reusch, Mt. Blue, Junior
Holly Hunt, Monmouth, Junior
LiSha Powell, Poland, Senior
Moriah Reusch, Mt. Blue, Junior
Natalie McCarthy, Mt. Blue, Sophomore
Emily Quinnell, Edward Little, Junior
Zawadi Debola, Lewiston, Sophomore

Abbie Cramer, Mt. Blue, senior; Abby Marston, Leavitt, sophomore; Rohen Brown, St. Dom’s, freshman; Mackenzie Grant, Monmouth, junior; Julia Wells, Mt. Abram, junior; Sydney Sillanpaa, Mt. Abram, sophomore; Savina Sherwood, Mt. Abram, junior.

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