Dobby Submitted photo

Dobby, Male, Senior:  Greetings and Salutations.  My name is Dobby.  I am an older gentleman who is set in my ways and tend to be very vocal about what I want.  I would love to find a home where I can be your only pet for the remainder of my golden years.

Ruby Submitted photo

Ruby, Terrier Mix, 4 Years, Female:  Meet Ruby!!  This little girl is a sweetheart when it comes to people.  Ruby gives the best little dog hugs and cuddles.  Ruby would love to find a home as your only female dog.  She’s been around male dogs in the past and has done well with them, so if your household currently has a male dog, she’d like to meet them first and see if they can be friends.  Ruby doesn’t care much for cats and would do best in a home without them.  This little girl is very loving and would be perfectly happy in a family that doesn’t currently have other pets.

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