Coach: Tammy Tatlock (second year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: 1-9
Returning athletes: Seniors — Alyssa Litchfield (F), Kailie Bernard (G), Emily Carrasquillo (G); Juniors — Hailey Litchfield (F), Alexis Jasper (F), Chloe Gordon (F); Sophomores — Addison Stevens-Belanger (G), Emily Tilton (G).
Key losses: Shyloe Morgan (F), Cassidy Lowell (F).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Beatriz Ferrigolli; Freshmen — Kianna Finnegan (G/F), Kai Trenoweth (G/F), Carley Coffman (F).
Season outlook: Second-year head coach Tammy Tatlock is optimistic about the Bucks and their ability to grow throughout the season. “I know these girls are ready to work hard and accept the challenges of a new year,” Tatlock said. “They can’t wait to get on the floor, compete and show some improvement. I am excited to see what this team has to offer as the season progresses.” Buckfield returns eight players from last season and add, Tatlock said, a three “talented freshmen” this season, their first in the Mountain Valley Conference.

Coach: Reggie Weston (third year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: 6-6
Returning players: Seniors — Destiny Jackson, Abby Stevens, Alyvia Perreault, Megan Fletcher; Juniors — Jayce Brophy, Grace Robbins, Kallie Errington, Marissa LaPoint.
Key losses: Alexa Perreault, Page Lueders, MacKenzie Osgood, Kaily Hackett, Liz White, Karlei Carrier.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Emily Woods, Sylvia Hodsdon, Diana Cayer, Koyuki Sota, Alivia Eastabrook.
Season outlook: Dirigo returns four seniors in Destiny Jackson, Abby Stevens, Alyvia Perreault and Megan Fletcher. The Cougars are also adding five new freshmen into the fold. “We are looking to be competitive and play one game at a time,” Weston said.

Coach: Chris Cifelli (fifth year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: AA North
Last year’s results: 2-10
Returning athletes: Seniors — Nikki Clark (G), Shelbi Teehan (F), Madyisn Turccotte (G); Juniors — Olivia Coachman (F), Erin Cowie (G); Sophomores — Jenny Chaput (F), Savannah Green (G), Saphyrn Humason (F), Tess Robbins (F).
Key losses: None.
Promising newcomers: Freshman — Leah Britting (G), Layla Facchiano (G), Lexi Kelsea (F), Rachel Penney (F).
Season outlook: Cifelli said the Red Eddies have a lot of depth, even with only three returning seniors. Along with five upperclassmen, Edward Little has four sophomores returning and four incoming freshmen. “We will expect big contributions from some younger players,” Cifelli said.

Coach: Mike Andreasen (11th year)
Conference: WMC; Class: A South
Last year’s results: 3-6
Returning athletes: Seniors — Brooke Martin (G), Emma West (G), Mikenzie Davis (G); Juniors — Caitlin Taylor (G), Amber Fortin (F).
Key losses: Sarah Fecteau, Gabriella Sernyk.
Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Ali Portas (G), Ellie Steele (G); Freshman — Izzy Morelli (F).
Season outlook: Andreasen said the Patriots will look to push the pace and, due to the depth of the team, “score more in transition.” Gray-NG returns three senior guards and four starters overall. “The team should improve as the season progresses,” Andreasen said.

Coach: Chris Marston (second year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: 2-8
Returning athletes: Seniors — Emma Chiasson (G), Delaney Ennis (F), Katie Blouin (G); Junior — Jill Pelletier (F); Sophomore — Kayla Smith (F).
Promising newcomers: Junior — Jazzlyn Clark (F); Freshmen — Caitlyn McCoy (G), Michaela Harrington (G).
Season outlook: While the Hornets will lean on senior point guard Emma Chiasson, head coach Chris Marston said they also will need some of the younger players to play key roles. “As that youth gains experience, the Hornets should make strides forward,” Marston said. Marston adds that Leavitt will play fast and “should be fun to watch as they make gains.”

Coach: Craig Jipson (second year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: AA North
Last year’s results: 8-3
Returning athletes: Seniors — Ashlyn Jean (G), Sage Cormier (F); Juniors — Masya Way (F), Aiwen Maiwen (C); Sophomores — Koral Morin (G), Natalie Beaudoin (G), Ellie Legare (G), Abigail Beaucage (G), Skylar Gaudette (G).
Key losses: Emily Strachan, Jamya Nicolas. Mya Nicolas, Lauren Foster.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Kaura Lawrence (G); Junior — Skye Daniels (G); Sophomore — Gabby Roman (F).
Season outlook: The Blue Devils lost four starters who, Jipson said, played “major minutes” for four years. Therefore, Lewiston will rely heavily its group of underclassmen to compete in what Jipson calls a “loaded” Class AA North. “(We) will need to play great defense in the quarter-court to be competitive in an experienced and talented league,” he said. “Senior Kaura Lawrence returning from a year off will help.”


Coach: Jeremy Williams (second year)
Conference: MVC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: 0-12
Returning athletes: Senior — Maddyson Ramsey (G); Junior — Emily Libby (C); Sophomore — Emily Westland (F).
Key losses: Emma Willey, Alexis Blair, Alivia Fields, Jade Connors.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Deanna Adams (G); Sophomores — Aaryana Libby (C), Angelina Fillmore (F/C), Stella McLean (G); Freshmen — Delaney McGrath (C/F), Hayleigh Perron (G), Avia Russo (G).
Season outlook: Lisbon will be playing a junior varsity schedule this season due its small number of players.  “We are a young team working to build a promising future program,” head coach Jeremy Williams said. “With the loss of a few players that didn’t come back, we are looking to rebuild this year playing a JV schedule. The girls are determined to bring some positive energy and focus and continue to make the program better.”

Coach: Molly Menice (first year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: 5-4
Returning athletes: Seniors — Alexa Allen (G), Taylor Truman (F); Juniors — Holly Hunt (G), Grace Levesque (C); Sophomores — Reese Beaudoin (G), June Foyt (F).
Key losses: Emma Johnson, Abby Flanagan, Brooke Rooney, Mya Sirois, Amaya Bauer.
Promising newcomers: Senior – Katie Laliberte (F); Sophomores — Haley DeHahn (G), Abigail Atwood (G); Freshman — Rileigh Chase (G).
Season outlook: Menice said the Mustangs want to bring the program back to “where it once was” when it won the 2017 and 2018 state championships. Monmouth will rely on its two seniors and two juniors. “We have a strong, energetic young core, along with returning athletes who are stepping into the leadership roles,” Menice said.

Coach: Craig Milledge (fourth year)
Conference: MVC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: 7-5
Returning athletes: Seniors — Autumn Freeman (G), Alana Young (G), Emily Richard (F); Junior — Emma Clukey (G); Sophomores — Mallorie Bourret (G), Brooke Brown (G).
Key loss: Rylee Sevigny.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Justice Gendron (F); Sophomores — Maisy Chase (F), Ella Young (F), Brooke Bennet (G).
Season outlook: Even after losing scoring guard Rylee Sevigny, head coach Craig Milledge is optimistic about the Falcons heading into the season. Milledge expects seniors Autumn Freeman, Alana Young and Emily Richard and junior guard Emma Clukey to be impact players. “We will also need contributions from some of our underclassmen,” Milledge said. “We will commit ourselves to the defensive end and look to grow offensively each game.”

Coaches: Lanie Roy and Natalie Wilcox (first year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Returning athletes: Seniors — Emily Marden, Cassandra Hobbs.
Key losses: Madison Phelps, Kaylee Knight.
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Haily Bate, Brynna Zelie.
Season outlook: New coach Lanie Roy is excited the Roadrunners’ upcoming season. “We have some young talent we are excited to develop,” she said. “We are hoping to use our speed for quick transitions on both sides of the court.”

Coach: Zac Conlogue (third year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A North
Last year’s results: 4-8 (won playoff prelim, lost quarterfinal)
Returning athletes: Seniors — Eva Stevens (G), Lindsay Arsenault (G), Hannah Wilbur (F), Eryn Parlin (C); Juniors — Katelyn Daggett (G), Aislin Reynolds (G), Caitlin Burke (F); Sophomores — Bailey Farnham (F), Chloe Roberts (G), Maia Macisaac (G).
Key loss: Kiely Reynolds.
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Maddison Bubier (G); Freshmen — Kara Daggett (F), Bree Griffin (G), Jordan Dunham (G).
Season outlook: Conlogue said the Cougars will lean on the experience of their four seniors. “(We) are a young unit, overall, but return some experienced players who should allow (us) to compete with the top teams in the league this year,” Conlogue said. “Developing a strong bench to support the upperclassmen will be a key for this team.”

Coach: Dale Gamage (second year)
Conference: MVC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: 12-4
Returning athletes: Seniors: Amara Denis (G/F), Emily Dillman (G), Gabrielle Chessie (G), Paige Gonya (F), Brianna Dumas (F).
Key losses: Audrey Bauer, Audrey Dillman, Anna Beach.
Season outlook: Gamage is excited about the Raiders’ potential for this winter but is nervous about the roster size. “I feel we will compete in every game,” Gamage said. “Some will be tough to win, but overall I feel pretty confident that we will have a winning season. The tough part will be having small numbers, as we have 11 in the entire program, with five seniors, two juniors, one sophomore and three freshmen. They have a lot of heart and a good team attitude.”


Coach: Nate Pelletier (17th year)
Conference: AA North; Class: AA North
Last year’s results: 14-0
Returning athletes: Seniors — Brooklyn Alexander (F), Chloe Estes (F), Katie Hallee (G); Juniors — Sierra Carson (G), Molly Corbett (G), Skyler Truman (G); Sophomores — Milo Knowles (G), Tristen Derenburger (G).
Key losses: Cassidy Dumont, Ella Kellogg, Viktoria Sugars.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Sydni Smith (F); Juniors — Ashley Richardson (G), Maddy Stack (F); Sophomore — Maddy Miller (F); Freshmen — Ella Pelletier (F), Gabbie Tibbetts (G).
Season outlook: Pelletier said that the Vikings’ goal this season is to be playing their best basketball by February. Senior Brooklyn Alexander will be a force on both ends of the court with her length, while junior Sierra Carson will be counted on to be a playmaker. “This group of athletes have been improving everyday,” Pelletier said. “ I have high expectations but also know it will be a learning process the whole season. … They are a great group of kids and are very coachable.”

Coach: Jake Webb (second year)
Conference: WMC; Class: B South
Returning athletes: Gabbi Bolduc (F), Allie Ferland (G), Kalie Paradis (F), Atlantis Martin (F), Emma Gagne (G), Emma Bunyea (F).
Key loss: Jordan Kohtala.
Promising newcomers: Thea Thornton, Gretchyn Paradis, Maya Balkir, Ava Anderson, Alyssa Hart.
Season outlook: Second-year head coach Jake Webb said “it should be a fun year” for the Knights, who return a group of seven seniors with varsity experience that will be leaned on to help the five new players adapt. “We look to compete in every game and get better as the season goes on,” Webb said.

Coach: Brittany Russell (third year)
Conference: EWC; Class: D South
Last year’s results: 2-3
Returning athletes: Seniors — Winnie LaRochelle (G/F), Emily Eastlack (G), Abi Madrid (G); Juniors — Isabelle Whittier (G), Cheyenne Avery (G).
Key loss: Ellah Smith.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Jazmyn Robishaw (F); Eighth grader — Emma Grant (G).
Season outlook: Third-year head coach Brittany Russell (formerly DiPompo) is hoping Rangeley can push the tempo this season. “I’m looking for the experienced upperclassmen to set the level of intensity in each game,” Russell said. “We want to compete for each possession and to play an uptempo game offensively and defensively.” Seniors Winnie LaRochelle, Emily Eastlack and Abi Madrid provide a wealth of varsity experience. Juniors Isabelle Whittier and Cheyenne Avery also are key returners for the Lakers.

Coach: Lexy Grondin (second year)
Conference: WMC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: 4-5
Returning athletes: Seniors — Jessie Zimmerman (G), Bella Perryman (C), Bennie Yombe (F), Pilar Hewey (F); Junior — Ava Apodaca (G).
Promising newcomers: Junior — Sophie Norton (F); Sophomores — Avery Gravel (F), Anna Geyer-Shaheen (F); Freshman — Charli Apodaca (G).
Season outlook: Jessie Zimmerman, Bella Perryman, Bennie Yombe and Pilar Hewey are all experienced seniors returning for the Saints and second-year coach Lexy Grondin this season. St. Dom’s will lean on those four seniors to lead a squad that adds a junior, two sophomores and a freshman.

Coach: Zach Keene (sixth year)
Conference: MVC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: 9-4 (fourth in COVID standings)
Returning athletes: Senior — Summer Chretien (G); Juniors — Mariyah Fournier (F), Emily Dubord (G), Lanie Walton (F); Sophomores — Jaydn Pingree (G), Aubrey Kachnovich (G), Liz Grondin (F), Olivia Mastine (F), Jazmine Pingree (F), Brooklyn Fournier (G), Mary Hamblin (G).
Key loss: Auri Armandi.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Avery Bessey (G), Miley Fournier (G), Hannah Jewett (G), Riley Small (F).
Season outlook: Keene expects the Phoenix to pick up with they left off earlier this year, when they went 9-4 during the pandemic-shortened season. “Expect more of the same from Spruce,” Keene said. “We will compete each and every possession and defend at a high level. We expect to win a lot of basketball games this winter. Our fast-paced style and high-pressure defense should be something that puts us in a good position, night in and night out.”

Coach: John Baehr (first year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: 8-6
Returning athletes: Seniors — Maddie Perkins (F), Lydia Rice (F); Juniors Rhyan Sawlivich (F), Bella Littler (G).
Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Lucy Vachon (G), Haley Williams (G), Lucy Vachon (G); Freshmen — Morgan Fichthorn (F), Madeline Wagner (G), Caroline Corgan (F), Ella Rice (G).
Season outlook: First-year head coach John Baehr said Winthrop’s goal is “to get better everyday as a team, and also work as hard as we can everyday.” The Ramblers bring back seniors Maddie Perkins and Lydia Rice, as well as add three new sophomores and four new freshmen to help build off last year’s 8-6 record.

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