JAY — Spruce Mountain High School has announced the following students were named to its first-quarter honor roll for the 2021-22 academic year.

Grade 12 — Highest honors: Summer Chretien, Kaila Godbey, Courtney Hogan and Isaac Parker.

High honors: Christy Beaudoin, Alyssa Beaulieu, Owen Bryant, Madelyn Castonguay, William Fowler, Leah Gilbert and Benjamin Wright.

Honors: Jayden Achorn, Samuel Berrios, Emma Blaisdell, Bayleigh Buote, Ethan Castonguay, Morgan Couture, Matthew Fenlason, Quinlin Fournier, Evan Hamblin, Paris Howes, Samantha Hubbard, Jackson Jacques and Trent Keene.

Also, Isaiah Marques, Jordyn Mitchell, Brady Nichols, Haley Nichols, Ella Plourde, Braun Porter and Thomas Violette.

Grade 11 — Highest honors: Gabriella Rodriguez and Emma Towers.

High honors: Lily Bailey, Caitlyn Brown, Emma Diaz, Zachary Donald, Abrahm Geissinger and Lucas Towers.

Honors: Austin Adams, Kilar Bellmay, Shayna Bonnevie, Brooke Brochu, Chance Brooks, Ryleigh Castonguay, Ava Coates, Emily Dubord, Bryce Dyer, Mariyah Fournier, Mackenzie Guay, Garrett Hunt, Gavin Hutton and Kyra Langlin.

Also, Mackenzie Michaud, Lillian Minoty, Ava Moffett, Kaitlyn Nichols, Samuel Perkins and Erin Teague.

Grade 10 — Highest honors: Leah Burgess, Megan Craig and Faith Maurais.

High honors: Gabriella Mcmullen and Brenden Veilleux.

Honors: Hunter Bibeau, Kasey Burns, Darian Chapman, Arianna Donahue, Tyler Guay, Mary Hamblin, Makinlee Holt, Salem Hughes, Aubrey Kachnovich, Solomon Lovewell and Dominic Lucarelli.

Also, Olivia Mastine, Peyton Medrano, Julia Mercier, Jonah Moore, Asher Nisbet,Jaydn Pingree, Anna Plourde, Connor Roy, April Stevens, Nathan Teague and Ian York.

Grade 9 — High honors: Bluebell Chen, Alex Grimaldi, Hannah Jewett and Riley Small.

Honors: Jace Bessey, Hunter Bickford, Benjamin Burgess, Skylar Condon, Hannah Dube, Lily Fortier, Connor Foss, Sarah Hawkins, Samantha Martin, Adria McHugh and Larrie Minoty.

Also, Alexandria Palmer-Moody, Hannah Perkins, Emma Preble, Ellie Rodriguez, Cariana Rollins, Avery Ryder and Layden Washington.

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