To the Editor:

Mitch McConnell, in the last few weeks, has been telling GOP donors, colleagues and lobbyists that the Republican Party won’t be coming out with an official platform or agenda leading into the 2022 midterm elections. The party did not issue a platform prior to the 2020 presidential election either, so any direction dates back to 2016. Apparently, there is nothing new to say.

On the flip side, the current platform for the Maine Democratic Party can be found easily on the Franklin County Democrats website. It is found by clicking on the link at the top of home page that says Learn More! You are likely to find yourself there, being recognized, being respected, and cared for. Many of the ideals found there are in process of making their way to final votes on the BBB and also in the critically needed Voting Rights legislation. That is what the Dems are doing for you. I’m not sure what the GOP stands for. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Eileen Kreutz


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