Rivers Edge Biggest Buck Contest winner Todd Mack (left), seen here with his son Joe. Gerry White

River’s Edge Sports Biggest Buck Contest has come to a close, but it was surely an exciting season. The store wound up breaking several of its records. One of them was most contest entries with a total of 188. Another was registering 256 deer. During the season they also tagged 6 deer during archery season and 16 during the muzzleloader season, also breaking their records for an all-time high.

It was an exciting time for all of the hunters and whether you’re chatting about how your hunt was going by social media, phone, or outside Oquossoc Grocery in Oquossoc or Loony Bin or Lakeside Convenience in Rangeley, there is always something to talk about.

River’s Edge Sports (RSS) keeps everyone in the loop by keeping track of the season with a nice board that is kept in the shop with all the statistics, including nice photos for each tag.

I believe it’s a fun thing to do when you browse in the shop whether you are a hunter or not, because you get to see your proud neighbors having fun (instead of working for a change, haha).

This year’s winner is Todd Mack from Hyde Park, Vermont. Mack won a prize of $940, which was half of the money collected for the contest. The other half was used to purchase over 6,000 pounds of oats to supplement deer feeding in Oquossoc. Mack’s 10 pointer came in at whopping 218 lbs when he came in to tag it on November 22nd.

There was also a contest for a Gamo Wildcat Whisper Air Rifle. The winner for that was Keith Savage of Rangeley.

As proud and happy as the winners were, owner Gerry White was equally, if not more excited. “Thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s fishing and hunting seasons! All of you – bear, deer, moose, grouse hunters and Rangeley Region fishermen make this the most gratifying business imaginable!!!”

If you want more statistics you should visit their shop or go on their popular Facebook page.

For now they’re getting ready for ice fishing season. More on that in the next issue of the Rangeley Highlander.


Hunting enthusiasts Frank Dellavalle and son Wyatt checking admiring the stat board.

Mike Shaw from Scarborough with a buck weighing in at 210 pounds with 31” outside spread. Gerry White

Justin White from Richmond seen here with his 178 pound 10 pointer with a 23 5/8” spread. Gerry White

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