NORWAY — A few union members not affiliated with Stephens Memorial Hospital held an informational picket on Main Street on Dec. 1, coming out on behalf of PACE Ambulance service.

Teamster Local Union 340 organized an information picket outside Stephens Memorial Hospital on Dec. 13 on behalf of PACE employees. Nicole Carter / Advertiser Democrat

“Teamsters Local 340 is organizing PACE ambulance service,” said Jeff Joyce, vice president of the union. “The president of the hospital is trying to prevent us by sending out things to dissuade them from doing so. So we decided to park on the street for a few hours. It’s not a strike, it’s an informational picket for now.

“We are here to get these people their labor rights that they’re entitled to. We’ve filed charges with the Maine Labor Department already.”

Picket organizers were unable to relay specific issues motivating PACE employees to explore unionization.

One, who asked to not be identified, said that they doubted workers would vote to unionize in the end.

“I think our employees did not realize they were committing to a union vote,” the employee said. “The way it was conveyed made the crews believe that if they didn’t sign (the petition) then they wouldn’t have a vote when and if the time came.”


Asked for comment, SMH Director of Marketing and Community Relations Abbie Graiver provided the following statement on behalf of the hospital:

“Stephens Memorial Hospital respects our employees’ legal right to consider union representation and engage in demonstrations to advocate for or against unionization.

“As with any demonstration, our chief focus is making sure that patients, emergency responders, visitors, and staff have access to the hospital and that the activity does not interfere with our critical mission and service to this community.”




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