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BETHEL — Steam Mill Brewery’s move to it’s new location on 96 Sunday River has lead to many new changes. While the vibe is still come and sit and have a few drinks, no rush, explains owner Scott Fraser, they have developed a new method to better perfect this vibe: the flag system.

With the flag system, people put the flag into the glass jar when they are ready to order or they need something, to alert their server; when they don’t want to be bothered, they leave it out.

“We don’t want to be the place where we’re constantly over your table like hey, do you need something … you know what I mean?” explains Fraser. “More like we wanted to do a little bit more hands off, you know we want to know when you want service, but we don’t want to [go] over. We want to allow our customers to have a good dining experience without feeling like they’re they’re pressured.”

To add on to that no pressure, warm, and stay-as-long-as-you-want experience, there’s an electric fireplace on the wall, everything is shades of gray, from light to dark, and there’s live music three nights a week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Fraser said he’s hoping for them to expand the music scene once it’s spring or summer.

“We fully anticipated that to be part of our operation. We’d like to expand that in the summer months,” explains Fraser. “We’d really like to do outdoor music and some kind of maybe music pavilion. I don’t know exactly what it’s going to be because it hasn’t been built or designed, but some kind of outdoor music space. We have a really, really large backyard, all approved by the state and the town and everybody for use outside and so we’d really like to utilize that and capitalize that.”

What’s more, there’s new add-ons to the menu. There’s now a cocktail section as well as a food menu. The cocktails are seasonal and will be changing throughout the year. The food will be changing throughout the year as well. All of the cocktails were designed by co-owner James Kimball, as well as coworkers Andy Foster and Jeb Davis, bar manager.

“I’d like to just thank the town of Bethel for coming out and supporting us,” says Fraser. “We’ve been open [just] over two weeks with a lot of repeat customers already, which to me is the biggest compliment you can get. So I know of one gentleman who lives in town [who] was at our establishment three out of the first five nights we were open. You know what I mean? That says a lot if you come three out of five nights. So I really like to thank the locals, the town of Bethel for supporting us, and getting us out of the gate. I’d really like to thank my staff for being the best. They’re bringing their A game every night.”

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