To the Editor:

During the Advent Season, since 2006, we have had an annual Memorial/Honor Tree on the front lawn of the Bethel United Methodist Church located at 79 Main St. Donors purchase a bulb in memory or in honor of someone they know. As you start to read the names listed in this letter, please take a moment and reflect on your memories of these individuals who have passed on.

The following is the list of names who have bulbs glowing in their memory:

Edwin Brown, Richard, Lyndell, Stephen and David Carter, Barry, Nepa and Francis Crommett. Bill Williams, Greg Tyler, Gailey Wheeler, Peter DellaValle, Richard Douglass, Ruby Hanley, Albert and Alice Taylor, Archie Sr. and Jane Young, Archie Young Jr., Joan Howe, Bill and Ethel Ward, Roy and Betty Lurvey, Tom Caton, Walter Clark, Jamie Dolloff, Luna Akers, Edward and Sylvia Fontaine, Ray and Joan Cole, Stan and Althea Brown, Dorothy Perkner, Ethel Synder, Albert and Margaret Ingram, Carol Seward, Peter and Nancy McLaughlin, Fred Spencer, Donald and Arlene Brown, Herbert and Evelyn Nickerson, Carl and Ruth Brown.

Sherman and Mabel Greenleaf, Sylvia Clanton, Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Clanton, Lt. Col and Mrs. Sidney A. Dyke, Irving and Astrid Rogers, Phil Brooks, Florine and Bud Bowden, Frank and Betty Lou Gingras, Muriel and Seymour Butters, Robert and Edna York, Herbert and Naomi Bean, Kay and Rodney Eames, Angelo and Annie Coletta, Bonnie Bowden, Terri Nicolella, Richard Belisle, Edmund Butler, Maude and Herbert Bean, Jennie and Harvey Jones, Adelaide and Wendell Gibbs, Jamie Blake, Mary Lou Cole, David Nagle, Barbara White, Rachel and Eric Provencher, Leah and Glen Gross, Julie Fauvel, Auntie Val Crew, Gary Olson, Francis Chaput, Nancy Cook.

Gramp and Gran Boyd, Richard and Hulda Stevens, Ranald and Sarah Stevens, Sheila Rollins, Bradley Barker, The Head Family, The Mills Family, Phyllis W. Stevens, Doris Fraser, Ruth Wilkinson, Norman Ford, Gayland Dooen, Norma Ford Lawson, Harold Conner, Matthew Poole, John Jr. and Corolyn Poole, John S. Greenleaf, Edward Greenleaf, Dr. and Mrs. S.S. Greenleaf, Robert and Anne Greenleaf, Eldon and Ann Greenleaf, Blake and Rachal MacKay, Betty Perkins, Rev. Dr. James H. Nason, John and Lillian Delaney, Luna Welch, Connie Carlton, Charleen Chase, Bonnie Bowden, Mary Lou Cole.

Donald and Doris Fraser, Richard and Esther Williamson, Laurence and Lillian Kimball, Maud Grindle, Pat and Gladys Grenier, Arthur Kimball, Charlie Adams, Merle and Ruby Thompson, Hope Tibbetts, Brenda Wodka, Merle B. and Deborah J. White, Harold and Mildred White, Alden and Irene Wilson, Stanley and Terry Wilson, Mauriel Faudi, Eugene Currier, Rebecca Emens, Isaac and Jacob Emens, The Douglass Family, The Emery Family, beloved pets.

Lights are also glowing in honor of Musa Brown, Louisa Arbarno, Pastor Robin and Marc Chaput, Darlene Beck, Nikki Viden, Linda Howe, Sister Bernadette Gautreau, Michael and Judith Coletta, Martha Berry, Merrie Lee Ojeda, Edleen Winslow, Sally Smith, Carlie Casey, Kimberly Payne, John and Jane Payne, Rebecca and Moriah Miller, Bonnie Pooley, Linda McDonagh, Jim St. Germain, John and Jeanette Poole, Gary Rumley, Bob Howe, Re-Pant Group, Annex instructors, Bethel Freedom Group, Local Food Connection Group, Dr. Nirav Shah and the medical personnel and officials who have fought to keep us safe during the COVID pandemic.

It is always good to remember the memories of our loved ones who have passed on. We would like to thank all the folks who participated in this church fundraiser. Your support is a blessing to the Bethel United Methodist Church.

Musa Brown and Linda Howe, church members


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