We are writing to all our family, friends, and to the caring community of Rangeley for all your support you have all shown us after the unexpected passing of Dana.

To all the people who came by the house to offer condolences we thank you so much for taking the time. We quickly realized just how many of you were also going to miss Dana, and we were not alone in our grief.

To those who kept the dinners and the snacks coming a huge thank you for that. It was so nice no one had to worry about what to eat or cooking, and that was a big relief so again thank you.

The cards continue to come in the mail. We sit and read them all, and thank you for sending your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you Reverend Thom Rock for the heart felt service and to all of you, who came to Dana’s service, we truly appreciate all of you, and your support remembering and saying goodbye to a good man we will always remember. To stand and turn to see so many of you really drove home just how many lives Dana touched, and all of our memories will always keep him alive, and Jill and all our family thanks you.

To the ones who have offered to continue to help in keeping an eye on Jill and making sure she is safe we send you a huge thank you. It is such a help knowing she really is not all alone when family is unable be near, so we are grateful.

Lastly, it is amazing to know and see that the tightknit Rangeley community still comes together to rally behind fellow community members just like a family in times of need. Thank you for still being the caring Rangeley community I remember.

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