LEWISTON — Every gardener in America should be growing mushrooms! If upgrading your garden this year sounds fun, join Louis Giller for an informative presentation on Saturday, Jan 29, from 10 a.m.-12 p.m., for $25 per person, 254 Goddard Road (USDA Service Center), Lewiston.

He will cover: Why should you garden with mushrooms? Including culinary and ecological benefits; Basic fungal biology; Growing techniques, tools and materials needed as well as the appropriate mushroom species to use; Best times to prepare, plant, and expect harvests; How to keep the garden healthy throughout the season.

Presenter Louis Giller has spent about 12 years growing, foraging, and most importantly eating mushrooms. His mycological journey began at the University of Denver where he studied environmental science and conducted oyster mushroom research inspired by MycoCelebrity Paul Stamets. He joined North Spore over 5 years ago where he primarily works on customer service, education, and community outreach.

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