To the Editor:

Governor Mills more than doubled Maine’s rainy day fund compared to Paul LePage’s before he left office and took off for Florida.

Mills is a pioneer who was a founding member of Maine’s Women’s Lobby. She also was the first woman DA in the country, managing 3 counties simultaneously. She had 3 budgets, when most men DAs in the country only had to manage one. And that has made Janet Mills 3 times better at budgeting!

Progressives can trust her budgeting judgment when she advocates for caution regarding her 820 million projected surplus. With Republicans in Congress killing the Build Back Better bill, the economy may not get that BBB stimulus, and being prepared for another GOP-caused economic downturn is prudent.

Governor Mills is a seasoned and expert budgeter who really cares about people. She knows that nothing hurts programs more than arbitrary cuts during unexpected GOP-created deficits.

Bob Jean


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