BETHEL — Show Us Your Shine is a special thing that Telstar Middle School does at the beginning of each star assembly. It gives students the opportunity to show something that they are working on, or a talent they have or what they want to share. Students are learning that TMS Rebels have a lot of unique skills to share that they can’t typically share in class.

“It was scary at first,” says Gage Berry “but once I was up there on the stage and talking about it, it was absolutely gnarly.’’ Berry showed his UTV racing skills and he was the first one who showed his shine at that star’s assembly; he was recognized for his bravery in presenting to the entire middle school.

Next Chris Alberi, who teaches chorus and modern band, played a song that students had been working on called Levitating.

“Show Us Your Shine is a great way for other kids to show and flex with their talent,” he said.

Student Finn Lane played a piano piece by heart during the December assembly, which drew many heartfelt compliments from his Telstar peers.

More students have stepped up to participate and want to showcase their piano skills, baseball skills, ski race skills, cooking skills, and other talents.

“Show Us Your Shine” is all about letting kids share what they love and what they are capable of doing. The audience gives feedback and has a chance to say what they loved about the example, and they can also ask questions to the performer.

This experience not only gives students a chance to feel good about themselves, but kids get to learn things about each other that we wouldn’t normally know.

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