First up, some news from Marta Clements:

The First Universalist Church of West Paris is taking orders for chicken pies. The famous annual chicken pie supper has not been held for the last two Novembers due to COVID-19.  This year it will be pick-up only.  The pies will be $18 each and should be picked up at the church on Main Street, West Paris on Wednesday, Jan. 26, from 10-noon. Storm date is Jan. 27, at the same time. If you would like to order a pie, please place your order on or before Jan. 19. Please contact Marta Clements at 674-2143, or [email protected]. Thanks to anyone who orders, and they look forward to seeing you!

I have no doubt that the chicken pies are delicious! That’s something I really enjoy. I think back to what meals were during my childhood. Because my mother baked bread weekly, homemade toast was always an option for breakfast. I don’t recall having hot cereal, like oatmeal, but I’ve grown to like it quite well.

We always ate together at the table for dinner. Dinner time was a social event. My parents talked about the day’s events. After dinner, they would sit at the table, and drink their coffee, along with smoking a cigarette. Those were the days when nearly everyone smoked. I think that’s when I discovered a taste for coffee. I’d sit at the table and have coffee too, with plenty of milk and sugar.

We often had company for dinner (or supper). I recall the days when fondue was a rage, and we’d all have our color-coded mini spears with which to cook our own food. Times sure have changed. Now I eat alone, usually sitting in front of the TV!

All three of my grandsons were racing yesterday. Ben took part in the Nordic relays in Bethel, and Josh and Zack raced at Kents Hill at the Marlee race. Josh is now on the Maranacook High School team. He’s doing very well and has had several years of training. Zack is right behind him on the middle school team. They truly love winter. I’m very happy for them, because it certainly makes it much more enjoyable if you have activities you really enjoy.

Kathy Hodsdon returns this week after a nearly month-long vacation in Isla Mujeres. She stayed with her sister, Judy, and the two enjoyed going about on the island in their rented golf cart. It’s quite unfortunate that she is returning during the coldest stretch we’ve had all winter. I have tried to warn her, but she’s not changing her plans.

I’m not looking forward to the upcoming week of cold. Still, it’s not as cold as the winters I recall from years ago. I remember several days in a row where it was 20 below. Pipes froze in the basement; cars wouldn’t start. The house never really got that warm.  I’ve always slept in a cold bedroom with no heat, but when you can see your breath and there’s some ice on the inside of the window — well, that’s really cold! Now I’m very grateful that most days I don’t have to go out. Rosa is smart. She spends most of her time in the rocking chair near the woodstove. When she does decide she needs a change, it’s often just a move to my lap.

Stay warm and safe, everyone!

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