WILTON — Wilton artist Barbara Hathaway, Painter of Sunsets, is encouraging a fun February art project called Hearts of Love.

The Bible lists over 82 Scriptures about LOVE. God is Love. God loved us so much that God gave us Jesus. Love the Lord your God. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Let’s flood our homes, churches, neighborhoods, workplaces and the media with Hearts of Love, colored Hearts. You can write a message of encouragement on each heart.  Give hearts to everyone. Make heart cards, heart bookmarks, lunch bags with hearts. Remember to give some hearts to policeman, fireman, health workers and the mail person. Make some hearts and get your children and grandchildren involved in making hearts and start passing the hearts out February 1.

Hang the hearts up, place them in your windows, hang them in trees, around trees, wear clothes with heart designs.

Hathaway suggests you take photos of your hearts and share them at your church, workplace, and school and put them online. Get a teacher involved and maybe give some art supplies to the class for the Hearts of Love Project.

Stores are invited to place art hearts in their windows, too. Libraries and the Historical society and any other group can get involved. Everyone needs Hearts of Love. We can show what is in our heart as we love and care for our families, church, and communities. Everyone needs the feeling they are special and needed especially now with COVID getting everyone discouraged.

Get as many people involved in making Hearts of Love. Everyone will smile and feel better seeing all the hearts and enjoy making something that makes someone else feel better in some way.

February is also Heart Health Month. Take care of your heart. What better time to make and give Hearts of Love?

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