Decked out and lit up, Maine Line Products sells fresh fudge for both tourist and locals. Meira Bienstock

GREENWOOD — Local or tourist, if there is one thing in common in times of celebration, it’s the locally-made fudge from Maine Line Products, which first opened in 1979.

Owners Ellen and Rick Whitney began attending trade shows over the years. They ran into a representative for a company which sold ingredients for making fudge. He helped them get on their feet.

The fudge at Maine Line Products is homemade and cooked up in Greenwood in an immense kettle that can cook up to 35 pounds at a time. They get their ingredients from an ingredient-driven book which spawns ideas as ways to use the ingredients. All the ingredients come pre-measured, though they add butter and whatever flavoring is needed for the fudge.

For their original Sunday River fudge, they used the pre-measured ingredients for the base, then Ellen added in a health bar and Carmel to make it her own recipe for the region, along with the name.

Same for the Mt. Abrams fudge, which they added their own twist to as well, and the Black Slide, a seasonal fudge, layered in black, which comes out in May.

“I think people associate fudge with comfort because it is delicious and eating it brings a smile to your face,” says Ellen.

“The best part of selling fudge is the reaction we get when the people taste it and the pleasure they will have when they get it home to share.”

Maine Line Products has two store locations, one in Greenwood at 297 N Main St., the other in Bethel, at 23 Main St.

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