BETHEL — Books are made to be read, outside the sky is blue, inside or out Rebels are reading, how about you? Telstar Middle School participates in many reading events, three of them are the Maine Student Book Award or MSBA for short, Mrs. Lilly’s Outdoor reading area, and Bargain Book Sale.

The Maine Student Book Award stands for the M in M.O.B. This event allows students to participate if they are in grades 6-8. It involves students reading four books from a list that is made by the creator of MSBA, Mrs. Fraser.

She goes to meetings with different schools and they all discuss what books that have 5-star reviews or books that their students enjoyed the most. From there she creates a list that will please many different types of readers.

Then the game is on, and students have multiple months to read four different books from the list. Then in April, the kids who have the determination to read those books will be able to compete in a long Kahoot game that goes over the different books.

Also throughout the time period that students can read, there will be many opportunities for the contestants to play in fun activities. Mrs. Fraser is also promoting this event by coming to classrooms every Tuesday with multiple books that are on the list. This wonderful event was reinstated last year and is a wonderful way to participate in school activities.

The O in M.O.B. stands for Mrs. Lilly’s Outdoor reading area. She made it to not only celebrate her graduating college with a master’s degree, she made it for students who want to read and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

This area consists of 15 hammocks, 25 stump seats, and a whole lot of trees. She made this happen by asking Clearwater builders to donate the stumps and also allowing her students to help by rolling in the nature-y seats. Coming soon there will be a sign-up for all classes in the Telstar Complex to utilize this beautiful new area.

The B in M.O.B. stands for the Bargain Book Sale. This wonderful book sale has gently used and brand new books for very low prices. Not only can kids pay with regular money, they can also pay in Book Bucks that are given to students who demonstrate being respectful, showing perseverance, and always being accepting. Also, students can get Book Bucks by donating books to this amazing cause. This is a great way to get books into kids’ hands.

As shown, Rebels are reading, so follow our example that we show by using M.O.B. and start reading, too!

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