The RSU78 Board of Education met both in person and via Zoom on January 11, 2022. Video of the board meeting, along with any presentations is posted on the school’s website at

High School Mathematics teacher Rowenna Hathaway opened the meeting with a presentation on the high school “Project” which was launched at the beginning of the year in response to teachers and staff noticing student disengagement with traditional classroom learning. For the pilot year, The Project is student driven and they chose the topic of food. There have been guest speakers and field trips in conjunction with classroom learning. Interests for the second half of the year include animals, food supply, and culinary arts.

Board Chair Mary Richards acknowledged that due to remote learning the planned staff event did not occur. Board members were able to deliver some goodies to the few staff working in the building before the December break. This was in appreciation for the hardworking staff and in lieu of the cancelled lunch.

Principal Georgia Campbell congratulated the cast of Little Shop of Horrors and director Erin Smith. Additionally she acknowledged that RLRS is the only school in Franklin County chosen to participate in the WinterKids competition. The winning school wins $10,000 for the school. Kick off ceremony is Friday, January 14th at 1:00PM. ESR3 application has been approved, planning is underway, and supplies have been ordered for the outdoor classroom.

School Nurse Lindsey Savage spoke about the changes to the Maine CDC/DOE guidelines as it related to quarantine, isolation, testing and contact tracing. A motion was made to approve testing after 5 days of isolation, a retest on day 7 or 8 as materials are available. The motion passed.

Principal Seth Laliberte provided updates on home basketball games admission, the return of Ski Tuesday at Saddleback Maine, Foster Tech’s middle school initiative at RLRS, how RLRS staff will use the early dismissal time provided by Ski Tuesday, and a reminder that quarter 2/semester 1 closes on Friday, January 14.


Student Representative Mya Laliberte updated the board on basketball games against Richmond the week prior, ski team race last week at Saddleback, and the upcoming race at Titcomb Mountain in Farmington.

Committee reports included updates from the Finance Committee about the start of the budget process. No action was taken. Finance Committee meetings and minutes are posted on the school website. The Facilities Committee discussed the implementation of a new HVAC control system. Funds will come from ESR/APR.

Approval was given for students to attend All State Music Festival at the University of Maine at Orono and the New England Music Festival in Burlington, CT.

The meeting adjourned at 7:34PM

Rangeley students work together to discuss questions on their worksheets.

Freshman Natalie Stokes and Sophomore Bree Quimby trim leeks at Rustic Roots farm.

Freshmen Nichole Lemay and Gracie Feeney wash harvested leeks together.

Sophomore students enjoy homemade quiches and soups at Rustic Roots farm.

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