100 Years Ago: 1922

The senior class of Jordan high have chosen as their class play, “The Private Secretary.” The complete cast has not been chosen, nor the date. It will probably be given at city hall.

50 Years Ago: 1972

The Lewiston Police Department has received 30 congratulatory letters from students at Mexico Junior High School who were apparently impressed with the drug raids in Lewiston and Auburn nearly two weeks ago. Chief Lucien Longtin said the department received the letters last. week, all addressed to the LPD’s Narcotics Squad. All the letters are from students in the science class of teacher Peter Goff at Mexico Junior High School. The teacher also wrote to congratulate the department. He said: “I join with my science classes to congratulate you on Friday’s drug raid. Don’t lose that initiative that will save countless Americans from the evil of drugs.” One of the students wrote: “Congratulations! You did a fantastic job.” Another said: “Nice hit, good luck.” A young girl who said she is “afraid to be out on the streets at night or to walk home from skating alone,” said she now feels safer. “I am only twelve, but I think and know that drugs are harmful,” said another student.

25 Years Ago: 1997

After more than 75 years, the five-and-dime will soon be over and out in Lewiston, Rumford and Norway. McCrory Corp. will close its five-and-dime stores in Maine, including Lewiston, Rumford and Norway beginning this Friday, a spokesman for the company said Tuesday. In addition to the McCrory’s at 60 Lisbon St., the J.J. Newberry stores that McCrory owns in Rumford and Norway will begin liquidating their inventory, according to Paul Weiner, senior vice president, treasurer and chief financial officer for McCrory Corp., in York, Pa. ‘The three didn’t survive the company’s decision to close 807 of its stores nationwide, despite the fact that most of the 160 stores the chain plans to keep open are located in the eastern United States. Weiner said the company was forced out of work — 11 in Lewiston, eight in Rumford and four in Norway. The closings nationwide will put 3,500 people out of work, including layoffs at the company’s home office and distribution center in Pennsylvania.

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