Rep. Laurel Libby is an upbeat, determined woman. Whenever I see her, she is smiling and has kind things to say. She’s a wife, mom, daughter, sister, nurse, business owner and, for the past year, our state representative. I also call her friend.I have never seen anyone who works as hard as Laurel does. She can have a business meeting at 8 a.m., coffee with a friend at 10 a.m., make lunch for six at noon, Zoom with legislators in the afternoon, return calls to constituents, make dinner and read a book to her children before bed. Despite her busy schedule, she is always “present.” Laurel gets things done. I can’t keep up with her. That’s how I know she is working for all of us in Augusta.

I would love to see Laurel continue to represent Auburn and Minot in the Maine House. She truly wants the best for Maine.

Marti Howard, Auburn

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