BETHEL — Every Wednesday from 12- 1 p.m., instructor Kim Genther teaches yoga for skiers at 75 Main Street. She teaches moderate vinyasa style so that people can have both the time to move their bodies as well find the stillness and mediation within the practice.

She teaches skiers because, “a yoga practice can improve muscle memory, and flexibility. Which are both important to keeping yourself able to ski longer and more confidently,” explains Genther.

The idea to marry skiing and yoga came to Genther when she was thinking how the body feels out on the slopes. She came to discover a good stretch and strengthening will benefit the body when skiing.

Yoga has taught Genther to, “slow down and be mindful with my actions, breath, and movements on and off the mat. Learning to take time for yourself is one of the most important things I think everyone can improve in. And yoga has so many benefits that come along besides just a physical benefit.”

Having moved here from Colorado five years ago, Genther is an avid snowboarder who loves boarding here in Maine. She says one lesson everyone can learn from yoga is, “just to slow down and be in your body and breath and be able to find comfort there. Anything I do on my mat I look for ways I can incorporate into my life off mat. There’s lots of lessons in yoga; self- love and safety in your body is one of the most important in my opinion.”

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