To the Editor:

As a Peer Recovery Coach and a person in long term recovery, I support LD1862. I would like to inform your readers of the need to support the strengthening of LD1826 ExpandGoodSam4Me Campaign/Bill. The expansion of this bill will protect all at the scene of an overdose who call 911, in this medical emergency. At this time the bill only protects the person who makes the 911 call and the person who has overdosed.

I have lost too many friends to overdose because my friends were hesitant or refused to call in the emergency due to the legal consequences some of the people on the scene may face if caught with drug paraphernalia or if one of them may have a warrant for arrest.

My point is we are losing too many people to overdose due to this particular reason and it can be prevented if we would support changes to this bill, ExpandGoodSam4Me. If I have sparked an interest for you, and you would like more information on the Good Samaritan law you can find it at

I truly believe we can bring overdose deaths numbers down significantly with this expansion of the bill, and protect Mainers who save lives. Thank you for your time, and support of LD 1826.

Catherine Greenwald

Livermore Falls

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